Competition Will Not Fix K-12 Education In Texas … And There’s Proof

There are some who believe that competition can fix Texas K-12 Public Education. It won’t.

And there’s proof.

There is a public eduction system in Texas that has been competing for many years: Texas Public Colleges. If competition fixes public education, then what is the record of its effectiveness for the Public Colleges of Texas?

One measure of education effectiveness is graduation rates. That information has been compiled and published by Brand College Consulting.*

The ranking of the highest and lowest 6 year graduation rates for Texas Public Colleges is:

Institution                                     6 Year       4Year
University of Texas (Austin)          80.3%        52.5%
Texas Southern University             13.3%          5.9%

Of the 30 Texas institutions listed by Brand, 25 have a 6-year graduation rate of less than 50%.

Competition is not a fix for public education – certainly not at the college level, and it won’t be at the K-12 level.

*The information Brand College Consulting used comes from The Chronicle of Higher Education.  That “site examines data and trends at 3,800 degree-granting institutions in the United States (excluding territories) that reported a first-time, full-time degree-seeking undergraduate cohort, had a total of at least 100 students at the undergraduate level in 2013, and awarded undergraduate degrees between 2011 and 2013. It also includes colleges and universities that met the same criteria in 2010.”





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