Why People Strive To Be Better

What is this sense humans have of wanting to be better … better at seemingly everything. In this writing, lets call this sensation, “Better At.”

Better At appears universal: All humans yearn and strive to be Better At.

No one wants to be Worse At. With an ironic twist, if someone truly wanted to be worse at something, then that person would, in fact, strive to better at being worst at. It seems that Better At is inescapable.

And Better At never seems permanently satisfactory. There’s always something beyond a Better At. And it’s not a pathological condition. It’s just that there’s a Better At after every Better At. It’s as if Better At has its only rest in perfection.

But there’s no perfection in humanity. So, Better At must have its rest in something outside of human origins.

Could there be a “Perfect” that drives Better At?

Better At has all the markings of a God thing.


About drjstewart

Christian, husband, father, educator, writer, and photographer.
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