Someday I Will Die And Over 7.5 Billion People Will Not Care. Do I Matter?

Someday I will die and over 7.5 billion people world wide will not care. How could they? They have no idea I exist and will not know of my passing.

Do I matter?

I want to matter. I feel like I do. I think I do.

I know I could not matter if I never existed. I do exist, so there is a possibility of mattering.

But do I matter?

My mattering seems not to reside in other people. As noted above, there are a lot of others who have no idea that I exist. I do no matter to them. They cannot possibly confer mattering to me.

But there are others who know me. Do I matter because of them? If they are the source of my mattering, then upon their deaths do I still matter?

Can I wish mattering upon myself? If so, then on the occasion of my death does my mattering come to an end?

Mattering that ends with death, mine or others, seems hollow.

Death seems to be a problem in mattering.

But death is only possible with life.

Is life the problem?

That seems entirely impossible. Life cannot be the problem – it is the only place in which mattering has its home.

Life must come pre-packaged with mattering and death must not be the end of it.

The Christian belief system seems to fit well when it comes to infusing mattering – meaning, significance, and purpose – in life.

I was designed and created  with me in mind by a loving Father – I mattered then.

And the Father is not fickle. He will not withdraw mattering – I matter now.

And the Father will be there upon my death – I will matter at that moment and forevermore.

I am a Christian. I matter.



About drjstewart

Christian, husband, father, educator, writer, and photographer.
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