Suffering, Pain, and God (Part I)


Grief (II) copy.jpg

When I think about suffering, pain, and God my problem is simple and straightforward: I want the suffering and pain in this world to immediately cease – but it doesn’t.

And I wonder why;  why does suffering and pain exist and persist?

The search for the why of suffering and pain has many starting points. One beginning can be with this statement: Life is filled with meaning. There is no time in life where there is no meaning: life is meaning-full. Life comes with meaning.

One could argue the opposite to be true: there is no meaning in life, but that argument is self -contradictory in that the statement “there is no meaning,” is a meaning-full statement.

One might pull back a bit from “there is no meaning in life,” and more cautiously state, “some things in life have meaning, and some things do not.”

A legitimate question is, “Is one of those things that does not have meaning include, ‘some things in life have meaning, and some things do not’?”

It’s hard to get away from the sense that life is meaning-full.

And if life is meaning-full, then where is the meaning in one of its realities: suffering and pain?

Suffering, Pain, and God (Part II) Publish Date TBD





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Christian, husband, father, educator, writer, and photographer.
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