What Every Texas K-12 Public Educator Should Know About Politics And Politicians: Lesson 1 – The Number One Constituent

What Every TX Educator Should Know About Politicians .jpgLesson one: A politician’s number one constituent is him- or herself.

At its foundation, politics is a self-serving profession. Politicians, first and foremost, want to be re-elected and/or they are desirous of that next, bigger and better, electable position or political appointment.

With any issue, that includes education, a politician will consider first its impact on his or her number one constituent, and you, Texas educator, are not that constituent.

In dealing with politicians, it is naive to think they are not in a self-serving profession and wrong to believe they are bad people for being good at their profession.

Note: As with any generalization, exceptions happen. I have met and worked with politicians who are exceptions.


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