What Every Texas Teacher Should Know About Politicians: Lesson #2 – Votes Count

What Every TX Educator Should Know About Politicians .jpgLet’s revisit Lesson 1: A politician’s number one constituent is him- or herself.

A Lesson 1A would be: Politicians, first and foremost, want to be re-elected and/or they are desirous of that next, bigger and better, electable position or political appointment.

Lesson #2: Votes Count relates to Lessons 1 and 1A in that teachers are not a proven, united voting block. Generally, they do not begin or end, by their presence at ballot boxes, politicians’s careers.

Politicians may like teachers, they may respect teachers, but attending to their concerns is politically optional, and, if done so, generally it has other political reasons attached.

Until state-level politicians gain or lose their jobs on a regular and predictable basis to teachers’s votes, educators’s voices, for the most part, should expect a lessened impact on education issues.

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