What Every Texas Teacher Should Know About Politicians: Lesson #3: National Aspirations

What Every TX Educator Should Know About Politicians .jpgThere is nothing inherently wrong with a Texas state-level politician aspiring to a federal elected office or appointment.

However, there is a price to pay.

If a Texas state-level politician (Republican or Democrat) wants to enter politics at the federal level, the two national political parties expect allegiance to their explicit and implicit ideologies – unfortunately for Texans those ideologies can be at odds with Texas values.

For example, the Republican National Party in its National Platform 2016 [Note: Texas Republicans control the State’s political agenda and that’s why a Republican example is  used] touts merit pay for good teachers – a failed idea that is bad for Texas.

However, for a Texas Republican to enter “the club” at the national level, he/she needs to support merit pay, and even better the politician would need to play a significant role in its implementation in his/her state while walking a practical tight rope: implemented long enough to join the club, but not long enough to see it fail.

So, the next time a Texas state-level politician supports something that doesn’t fit Texas read his/her party’s national platform and consider Lesson #3: National Aspirations.

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