What Every Texas Teacher Should Know About Politicians: Lesson #4 – Government Is A Win-Lose Institution

What Every TX Educator Should Know About Politicians .jpgReality check. At the state level, there is only a limited amount of money for a seemingly unlimited number of needs and/or wants.

There is never enough money and federal level is the perfect example: The feds can collect more taxes than ever before, print money, spend trillions, go wildly in debt, and there still is not enough money for everybody – people, politicians, groups, and institutions want more.

Enter Lesson #4 – Government Is A Win/Lose Institution.

In Texas, if our state-level political leaders give one group more money, it means that all other groups do not get that money – it’s a win/lose proposition.

This is a forever truth: In allocating funds, some one(s) or some group(s) win, and because of the aforementioned victory some one(s) or some group(s) lose.

This is a forever truth, too: Because funds are limited and needs are unlimited, the probability that you or your group are funding losers is great.

And the winners are happy – until the next budget cycle – and the losers are disappointed, sad, hurt, and/or angry.


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