Beauty In The World: White Morpho

White Morpho Feb 20, 2017, TDG.jpg

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Beauty In The World: Flower

Flower Midlo Frontyard June 24, 2017.jpg

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Beauty In The World: Butterfly

Butterfly (IV) Midlo Backyard June 23, 2017.jpg

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Faith Has A Price

I am a believer.

Jesus is my Savior and Lord.

There was lot I did not know when I first became a Christian many years ago, but I grew in knowledge and learned that faith has a price.

In the Bible’s New Testament (Acts 12), Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, was thrown into prison because of his faith to be held until his execution. An angel visited the apostle in prison and led him to freedom – a miracle.

Stephen (Acts 7) was a believer, too, and was placed before a council to answer the charge of blasphemy. Stephen did not back down, and after his masterful defense … he was put to death.

On a very real level, there is a huge difference between a miraculous rescue and death. Quite frankly, if it’s my fate in question, I prefer the former fate over the latter.

As meaningful as my preference may be, it is not what is ultimately important.

My responsibility, no matter the consequence, is to unashamedly proclaim:

I am a believer.




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The Texas Star

Fair Park (II) Dallas, TX, June 23, 2017-2.jpg

The Texas State is a famous year-round land mark at Fair Park, Dallas, TX and a popular ride during the annual State Fair of Texas.

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Grace by Witness Bonjisi

Dallas Arboretum June 21, 2017 Grace (II) by Witness Bonjisi.jpg

Witness Bonjisi is one of many Zimbabwean artists who have works on display at the Dallas Arboretum.

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Beauty In The World: Ladybug

Ladybug (II) Midlo Backyard June 22, 2017.jpg

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