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Someday I Will Die And Over 7.5 Billion People Will Not Care. Do I Matter?

Someday I will die and over 7.5 billion people world wide will not care. How could they? They have no idea I exist and will not know of my passing. Do I matter? I want to matter. I feel like I do. … Continue reading

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Blessed to have been a guest of BESTWA to Liberia in 2016 as an education consultant and photographer. Praying for other opportunities to serve the people of Liberia.

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Very Cold + Water = Ice

North Texas cold, winter temperatures and a sprinkler system inadvertently left on.

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Why People Strive To Be Better

What is this sense humans have of wanting to be better … better at seemingly everything. In this writing, lets call this sensation, “Better At.” Better At appears universal: All humans yearn and strive to be Better At. No one wants to be Worse … Continue reading

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The 2016 Texas Democratic and Republican Party Platform Preambles

THE 2016 DEMOCRATIC PARTY PLATFORM PREAMBLE Texas Democrats believe government exists to achieve together what we cannot achieve as individuals; and government must serve all people. A representative democracy is only truly representative if every single citizen is guaranteed the … Continue reading

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Christian, what is your AQ: Arrogance Quotient?

There is no room for arrogance in Christianity. Yet, it is alive, well, and flourishing in the church family. Arrogance is the belief that I am better than you. One need look no further than Jesus to see that humility … Continue reading

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